Serial Entrepreneur. College Graduate. Recognized IT Expert. Idealist. Photographer. Runner. Gamer.

Sometimes I can’t sleep because my mind keeps me awake. I think and analyze. All the time. I’m always searching, learning. Just doing. The emotions I feel come from results. I’m not happy until it’s perfected. Maybe it’s my ADHD, or maybe that’s a made up millennial term.

Sometimes people ask me what I do, now. Especially at Invise, I’m not always doing PC repairs anymore. Imagine an orchestra. I’m the director who perfects the result, I know every little thing that’s going on in each row, and I know who’s the best at each job. I used to think I needed to be in control – the type of control that only a one-man-band offered, but I was wrong, giving up that control was one of the best things I ever did.

Feel free to look around. Read about my education and experience, in the Portfolio page, or my story, in the Bio page. The design of my site isn’t really a theme I downloaded or purchased, but rather the result of 7 straight hours of perfect the result.