Entrepreneur and Business Owner. College Graduate. Recognized IT Expert. Idealist. Photographer. Runner. Gamer. Learn more about Mike Lierman in Utah.

Sometimes I can’t sleep because my mind keeps me awake. I think and analyze. All the time. I’m always searching, learning. Just doing. The emotions I feel come from results. I’m not happy until it’s perfected. Maybe it’s my ADHD, or maybe that’s a made up millennial term.

Sometimes people ask me what I do, now. I started my company Invise Solutions Computer Repair, as a teenager. Since then I’ve grown it into far more than repair, we now provide IT for local businesses–helping Utah business owners grow their business using technology. So, I’m not always doing PC repairs anymore, and that makes people ask what I’m up to these days.

Imagine an orchestra. I’m the director who perfects the result, I know every little thing that’s going on in each row, and I know who’s the best at each job. I used to think I needed to be in control–the type of control that only a one-man-band offered; I was wrong, giving up that control was one of the best things I ever did. Stepping up and holding myself accountable, approaching decisions with direction, and, while still holding on to childlike wonderment–these values–these are what have allowed me to continue being a successful business owner. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s all I’ve ever been, and I’m grateful for every moment, good and bad.

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