Serial Entrepreneur. College Graduate. Recognized IT Expert. Idealist. Photographer. Runner. Gamer.

Sometimes I can’t sleep because my mind keeps me awake. I think and analyze. All the time. I’m always searching, learning. Just doing. The emotions I feel come from results. I’m not happy until it’s perfected. Maybe it’s all ADHD, or maybe that’s a made up millennial term.

Sometimes people ask me what I do, now. Especially at Invise, I’m not always doing PC repairs anymore. Ok. Imagine an orchestra. I’m the director that teaches and perfects the result, I know every little thing that’s going on in each row. I used to think I needed to be in control – the type of control that only a one-man-band offered, but I was wrong, giving up that control was one of the best things I ever did.

Feel free to look around. I’m documenting my neuroscience experiments, here. The companies and brands I’ve started, over there. The layout of this site isn’t a theme I downloaded or purchased, I will ignore your email. ;) It took 9 straight hours to perfect. I didn’t sleep until it was finished.